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Steve Brownhill

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Steve Brownhill

Skill My name is Stephen Brownhill and I was born in London and lived there until I was 9 years old. I then moved to a tiny village in Devon, living on farmland and surrounded by stunning countryside; with new freedom to roam safely around my new environment, I had the opportunity to appreciate the great outdoors to its fullest. I had never imagined it could be such a powerful influence in my adult years.

Passion In school I wanted to be a photographer and would take images and do darkroom work. After my school years, I didn’t take so many pictures; I became really good at skating and found myself on the other side of the lense. In 2002 I moved to the north coast of Cornwall –Bude. Less than an hour away from the farming village; I had visited Bude many times and knew it was the place for me to settle for a while.

In the last 10 years, I have enjoyed pursuing my passion for photography and developed my skills as a photographer.

Process Family generations, including my father, and grandfather whom I helped as a child on building sites in London had a big influence on my first career choice. Working for years in the building trade has given me the knowledge to understand the processes involved in the thought and creation of buildings. My appreciation for architectural beauty is something that has grown alongside my personal development as a professional photographer. My passion is to capture the art within architecture.

Results Capturing landscapes is another passion in my life; this is when I get to enjoy the most unsociable hours, with dawn and dusk being the most magical times of the day to shoot.

Astrophotography has more recently captured my attention and is becoming one of my favourite moments in time to capture. What I really love about photography is being able to preserve the magic and emotion of the moment in time.

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